Why Hiring an Attorney in Your Reckless Driving Case May Prevent a Criminal Conviction

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Lawyer studying documents in trial. You are at risk for being convicted of a class 1 misdemeanor when you are charged with reckless driving. My last post discussed the full consequences of pleading guilty or being found guilty by a Court Judge. In this post I will be discussing what an experienced reckless driving attorney may be able to do to help your case. (more…)

Consequences of Reckless Driving in Virginia Beach

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Person texting while driving.Many people do not understand that reckless driving is a serious criminal charge that goes beyond a simple traffic ticket. While traffic tickets are relatively harmless, particularly if you only have one on your driving record, reckless driving not only results in many points against your driver’s license as well as a criminal record. In this post I will be discussing the possible consequences of reckless driving and why you should consult with an attorney prior to going to court if you have been charged with this crime in Virginia Beach. (more…)

Wrapping Up the Discussion on Marijuana Possession in Virginia

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This is the final post in my series on what residents and out of town guests need to know about marijuana possession in Virginia. I began this series so that individuals who are traveling to Virginia from states with a different legal stance on marijuana can be prepared to abide by our state’s laws. With the recent legalization of marijuana in Colorado, and with the number of states that have legalized marijuana for medical purposes, many people are confused about marijuana laws from state to state. (more…)