Why Hiring an Attorney is Necessary in Virginia Misdemeanor Marijuana Cases

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This is the next post in my series on Helping Virginia Residents Decide if They Need to Hire a Private Attorney. My last post discussed why it is common for Virginians charged with domestic violence to attempt to handle it on their own case – and why this is a mistake. This post will address another common charge that many people mistakenly believe is not “that serious.” Today I will be discussing marijuana charges and why an attorney can make a significant difference...

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Why a Lawyer is Necessary in Domestic Violence Cases

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This is the next post in my series Helping Virginia Residents Decide if they Need to Hire a Private Attorney for a Criminal Case. My last post discussed why it may be beneficial to hire a private attorney instead of relying on a public defender. In this post I will be discussing a common area that people mistakenly believe they can “clear up” without legal representation – domestic violence charges. Couples that reconcile mistakenly believe that a partner cannot be...

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The Benefits of Hiring a Private Lawyer When Charged With A Crime In Virginia

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This is the second post in our series on whether you should retain a private attorney when charged with a crime in Virginia. Our last discussion provided an overview of the topics we will be discussing in this series and also delved into the potential consequences of going unrepresented when charged with a Virginia crime. In this article we will go over the benefits of utilizing a private attorney, as opposed to the public defender, in any Virginia criminal matter. There...

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Deciding Whether You Should Hire A Private Attorney For Your Virginia Criminal Case

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This is the first post in a series meant to help Virginia residents decide whether they should hire a private attorney for their criminal matter. Residents of our state too often make the mistake of thinking that their criminal charge is “no big deal” and they show up at their first court appearance without having consulted an attorney. This is one of the biggest mistakes people can make in our opinion as even a minor charge can have lasting effects on one’s life. Over the...

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Welcome To Our Blog

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Welcome to the criminal law blog of Garrett Law Group, PLC. We will be regularly discussing events and legal developments which pertain to criminal law in Virginia. Please feel free to contact us online if you require legal assistance.

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