Virginia Beach Driver’s License Suspension Defense

Driving on a suspended license is a misdemeanor in Virginia. If you have been cited for driving on a suspended license then contact our Virginia Beach traffic attorneys today. We are experienced in all aspects of Virginia traffic law and have regularly assisted people in having their tickets reduced or outright dismissed.

Driving on a suspended license will result in fines and additional penalties. One penalty for this offense is that your license will be suspended for an additional period of time above your current suspension. To convict one of this offense, the Prosecution must show that the driver was aware that his or her license was suspended at the time of the offense. If the Prosecution cannot meet this burden then the case will be dismissed.

J.D. Garrett and our attorneys are experienced in defending Virginia Beach residents against charges of driving on a suspended license. We are able to assist you in gaining the reinstatement of your driver’s license. Often, if you gain the reinstatement the Court will reduce or dismiss the charge of driving on a suspended license. We will look into your situation to see if there are other defenses we can pursue on your behalf. Contact us online or by telephone.

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