How Search and Seizure Laws Impact Marijuana Possession Cases In Virginia Beach

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Garrett Law Group, PLC frequently represents individuals who have been arrested and charged with marijuana possession in Virginia Beach. In our last post we discussed why it is important for both visitors and local residents to be aware of Virginia’s conservative marijuana laws. In this post we will discuss what individuals need to know about search and seizure rights, and how these laws may benefit your case. We will also provide examples of cases that frequently lead to a...

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Understanding How Marijuana Laws Apply in Virginia Beach Criminal Cases

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Virginia Beach is a popular spot for young people and vacationers alike to hang out and relax. Our city offers long stretches of sand, dozens of nearby restaurants and bars, as well as quaint sea side shopping. Tourists are a large part of our economy; local college students and members of the armed forces from nearby military bases are also frequent visitors on our boardwalk. However, it is important for party goers to understand that marijuana is illegal in Virginia and...

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