Why Hiring an Attorney in Your Reckless Driving Case May Prevent a Criminal Conviction

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Lawyer studying documents in trial. You are at risk for being convicted of a class 1 misdemeanor when you are charged with reckless driving. My last post discussed the full consequences of pleading guilty or being found guilty by a Court Judge. In this post I will be discussing what an experienced reckless driving attorney may be able to do to help your case.

Experienced Virginia Attorneys Can Often Strike Deals with Prosecutors to Reduce Reckless Driving Charges

When you consult an attorney regarding a reckless driving charge, it will be important to provide them with several pieces of information. First, it will be important for them to hear your side of the story; were you driving as fast as the officer claimed you were, were there uncontrollable circumstances affecting your driving or judgement, did the officer follow the appropriate procedures when he pulled you over? The second thing your attorney will need to know is what kind of driver have you been in the past. If you have a clean driving history then this may be used to advocate for a reduction in charges.

Your attorney will accompany you to court on the day of your appearance. If you have a strong case, or your attorney believes that the officer exaggerated the severity of the incident, then your lawyer may be able to negotiate with the prosecutor to reduce the charge to Improper Driving. A prosecutor may be willing to do this in a number of reasons; if you were driving recklessly due to an emergency, if you were speeding but have a clean driving record, or if roadway conditions contributed to your unsafe driving. Improper Driving is a far better outcome as it is not a criminal charge. It is a simple traffic infraction. Improper Driving will result in fewer points on your license and will avoid a license suspension.

A Virginia Beach reckless driving attorney may be able to argue to have charges dismissed

If no deal can be made with the prosecutor, or if the case is strong enough the attorney feels you may be able to avoid all penalties, you may also take the reckless driving case to trial. A misdemeanor trial will be heard by a Judge and not a jury. Your attorney would investigate your driving case and make an argument for why you should be found not guilty of all charges. Common reasons this might occur is if the officer’s equipment malfunctioned during the traffic stop, or if the officer did not follow proper procedure.

Reckless driving charges are far more serious than a simple speeding ticket. Do not attempt to represent yourself at court if you have been pulled over for reckless driving. Consult an experienced attorney today, and learn if you may be able to reduce your charges.

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